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17 Beavers Who Just Want To Be Your Feminist Ally

They wood stand by your side.

1. This beaver that heard someone catcall and will not remain silent.

via Reddit / Via

2. This beaver who practices active listening.

Dean_fikar / Getty Images

3. This beaver who knows that it's not enough to just call himself an ally — he has to put in the work.

PBS via Giphy / Via

4. This beaver who understands that daily microaggressions and subtle sexism are real and they can wear you down.

5. This beaver who knows it's not his place to comment on your food and dietary choices.

giphy / Via

6. This beaver being mindful not to take up too much space.

Demarfa / Getty Images

7. This beaver who agrees that childcare is valuable work that we as a society need to recognize as real labour.

giphy / Via

8. This beaver who knows housework shouldn't default to being women's work.

Bobloblaw / Getty Images

9. The beaver who had to walk away after considering how capitalism and the way it values labour hurts women.

10. These beavers discussing how intersectionality is crucial for progress.

Little_things / Getty Images

11. This beaver taking a moment of quiet contemplation after reading the bell hooks work you recommended.

12. This beaver who understands the importance of self-care.

Brckylmn / Getty Images

13. These beavers discussing how the patriarchy hurts men, too.

Doucetph / Getty Images

14. This beaver who believes women.


15. This beaver who knows that his ability to travel home at night without harassment isn't a privilege everyone enjoys.

16. This beaver that doesn't feel emasculated by a funny woman.

YouTube / Via

17. And this beaver, who wants a revolution. And he wants you to start it, girl.

Avs_lt / Getty Images

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