This Is What Happens When Pokémon Fans Become Scientists

    Fire-breathing bees would actually be the worst, though.

    Important alert for aspiring Pokémon masters: Charizards are real. They just happen to live in Chile and are a bit smaller than expected.

    Like, a lot smaller. And also actually a species of bee.

    Canadian scientist Spencer K. Monckton, 26, spent his master's degree classifying bee species in Chile. And in his line of work, finding evidence of a distinct species means you get dibs on naming it.

    You can kinda see it.

    As a taxonomist (someone who groups and classifies different organisms), Monckton's friends used to joke that he's basically a Pokémon trainer filling up his Pokédex. "You’re basically trying to catch 'em all," he said.

    Though at least Monckton's work seems a bit less dangerous.