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This Is What Happens When Pokémon Fans Become Scientists

Fire-breathing bees would actually be the worst, though.

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Canadian scientist Spencer K. Monckton, 26, spent his master's degree classifying bee species in Chile. And in his line of work, finding evidence of a distinct species means you get dibs on naming it.

Spencer K. Monckton

He dubbed this one in particular "Chilicola charizard," inspired by his own love of Pokémon.

"I played the game pretty much from when it was released and I picked Charmander when I first started the game," Monckton told BuzzFeed Canada.

Charmander, of course, evolves into Charmeleon, which evolves into Charizard.

And while Monckton partly named the bee after Charizard because he could, he pointed out that the species has a long snout and an orange hue where similar species have yellow.

As a taxonomist (someone who groups and classifies different organisms), Monckton's friends used to joke that he's basically a Pokémon trainer filling up his Pokédex. "You’re basically trying to catch 'em all," he said.