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This Cat Rolled Around In Bath Bomb Glitter And Honestly Looks Fantastic

Where'd you get that highlight, girl.

This is Salem, a beloved cat pal in Pittsburgh. Salem really, really loves the bathtub. Keep that in mind because it's about to be very important.

On Tuesday night, Salem's owner, 33-year-old Amanda Barron, took a bath with a Lush Intergalactic bath bomb. As anyone who's used one knows, these bath bombs are very pretty, but very messy.

This bath bomb in particular was packed with gold glitter and before Barron had a chance to rinse the tub out, Salem got right in there.

And like magic: GLITTER CAT. ✨✨✨

"He loves the tub. I don't know why. He just LOVES the tub," Barron told BuzzFeed News via Facebook. "The tub is magic fun place to him."

And honestly, Salem looks fresh to death.

Like a beautiful night sky filled with golden stars.

The red carpet Beyoncé of cats. 😍

This is a cat who knows he's fabulous.

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After Salem got glitter everywhere, Barron managed to rinse the tub and give him a bath.

He didn't like that part so much.

Barron — a cat lover and supporter of the ASPCA — is just happy her other cat, Selina, escaped the glitter. But it may just be a matter of time.