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We Should All Be More Like This Ottawa Hero During Snowstorms

Keep on keeping on, Maxime.

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On Tuesday, the Ottawa area got a record snowfall of 50 cm. And while it was is a prime opportunity to spend the day cursing winter, one local decided to do something positive.

Instagram: @nadinegascon

YouTuber Maxime YOLO took to the streets of Ottawa decked out in snow gear with his trusty snow broom in hand to help his fellow Snowmageddon survivors.

Maxime YOLO / Via

Maxime told BuzzFeed Canada his workplace let him leave early on Tuesday due to the weather. On his way out, he helped someone out of a ditch.

"I thought, hey, I am one able person with really good snow gear, why not do my good action of the day. Then the video idea came along," he said.

He spent the next few hours making it happen.

He ran around clearing snowed-covered cars with enthusiasm few of us could muster for such a task.

A snowy driveway? No match for Maxime.

Maxime YOLO / Via

Car stuck in a parking lot? Maxime's got your back.

Maxime YOLO / Via

And while most of the people he dug out weren't around to thank him, he did get this well-deserved high five.

Maxime YOLO / Via

Bless you, Maxime. If only we could all be more like you.

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