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    This Is The Moment Mini Bautista Won The Blue Jays Game

    Stealing plates, stealing hearts.

    If you don't know who this kid is, it's time to learn. This is Mini Bautista, and he is about to steal your heart.

    Matt Lisle/Twitter / Via Twitter: @CoachLisle

    It was game five, at the bottom of the most goddamn insane seventh inning in Major League Baseball history. The Toronto Blue Jays were tied up 3-3, with two men on base. And then Normal Size Jose Bautista stepped up to the plate.

    Matt Lisle/Twitter / Via Twitter: @CoachLisle

    And Mini Bautista was ready.

    Matt Lisle/Twitter / Via Twitter: @CoachLisle

    And then... PURE, UNABASHED JOY.


    Matt Lisle/Twitter / Via Twitter: @CoachLisle


    Matt Lisle/Twitter / Via Twitter: @CoachLisle

    Relive the moment over and over again with the video of this most glorious moment shared by Matt Lisle.

    The @BlueJays can thank Mini Bautista for his magic timing his HR swing with @JoeyBats19

    Mini Bautista's real name is Oscar Wood, a kid from Barrie, Ontario. But in our hearts we know he is Canada's collective hopes and dreams.

    We featured #MiniBautista long before he was a viral sensation: #gojaysgo @Benn2Ns

    This one's for you, kid.

    Darren Calabrese / THE CANADIAN PRESS

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