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Mittens The Puppy Was Found With His Back Legs Crushed And Now He Needs A Forever Home

That face tho.

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This lil' ball of floof was transferred to the Society from Thompson, Manitoba, in December. Mittens was found alone and his injuries weren't fresh, meaning he'd been surviving on his own without the use of his back legs.

Winnipeg Humane Society / Via Facebook: WinnipegHumaneSociety

"We don’t exactly know what happened but he arrived with two injured back legs," Kyle Jahns, a spokesperson for the Society, told BuzzFeed Canada.

"One was injured beyond repair and needed to be amputated."

And he's actually very fast!

While indoors, Mittens wears a little sock and prefers to scoot around.

Which is why, now that Mittens is available for adoption, he'd prefer a home without too much carpeting. For optimal scooting, of course. The Society would also like whoever takes him home to have no kids under 16 and enough time to take him out to play.

"For or a small dog he definitely has a big personality. He gets what he wants and when he wants it," said Jahns. "But it just adds to his charm."

Winnipeg Humane Society / Via Facebook: WinnipegHumaneSociety

"He’s a really sweet dog who's just going to be really good for someone’s family."

Anyone interesting in taking Mittens home should visit the Winnipeg Humane Society.