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These Indie Designers Say Indigo Totally Ripped Off Their Design


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Fairgoods is a Calgary-based indie company that sells gift products like pets tags, balloons, and ribbons. One of their top sellers is this "sorry" motif.

Instagram: @wearefairgoods

And they say bookstore-turned-home-goods-superstore Indigo totally ripped off the design.

Fairgoods' brand director Shauna Hartsook told BuzzFeed Canada she spotted the Indigo version while shopping for a gift last weekend.

"There was a whole display, it seemed like 20 different products with that logo," she said. The Fairgoods products date back to 2014.

"I was pretty instantly just angry, because it’s pretty blatant to me how much of a ripoff it was."

Fairgoods has sent Indigo a cease and desist letter. An Indigo spokesperson told BuzzFeed Canada they have not received the letter but are looking into the matter.

And here's the full range of products from both stores.


"We showed our friends because we wanted to make sure it was enough of a ripoff, and they all agreed it was," said Hartsook.

This isn't the first time this has happened to them, she said, but it's the first time to involve a retailer as large as Indigo.

"Because Indigo is such a massive corporation we didn’t think it was fair not to share it with the world," said Harstook. "I just want them to acknowledge what they’ve done, and a public apology would be nice."

UPDATE: Indigo has pulled the "Sorry" collection from sale.

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