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    This Guy Was Fined For Singing "Everybody Dance Now" In His Car

    Let the music take control.

    C+C Music Factory's "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" is a classic. The sort of classic the demands you don't just sing, but scream the words.

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    Which is exactly how Taoufik Moalla found himself in trouble with Montreal police.

    They ended up issuing him a $149 ticket for causing a public disturbance via screaming.

    Needless to say, he was pretty surprised by the ticket.

    It's a crackdown 27 years in the making.

    It's finally happened. Canadian police are cracking down on C&C Music Factory & anyone who's found singing them.

    @haydenblack / Via Twitter: @haydenblack

    Moalla said his wife joked he should've been fined $300.

    @Steverukavina Just how bad a singer do you have to be to get a ticket from the police?

    @Sunilion / Via Twitter: @Sunilion

    Which, lol.

    And many people are saying the cops simply went too far.

    @CTVNews What the hell, singing is not a fine! Why FOUR police officers!?! Why $149? Why joke about a miscarriage o…

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    CBC reports Moalla contested the ticket earlier this month and is now waiting on a court date.