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    Ellen Degeneres Has A Message For Americans Thinking Of Moving To Canada

    Thanks, Ellen.

    Okay so there's been a lot of talk about Americans wanting to move to Canada if Donald Trump becomes president. Like, a lot. But did anyone think to ask how Canada feels about that? Well, Ellen DeGeneres did.


    She called upon Guy LeBlueBlah of the Real Canadian Bureau of Immigration (def a real person and department), to set things straight.


    "Because of Canada’s clean air, friendly nature, good food, and super hot non-bananas prime minister, many Americans have expressed interest in moving here," says LeBlueBlah.

    Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images

    "Well to that, we Canadians say no. Leave us the fuck out of it."


    And you know what, it's about time someone said it. Even if it had to be Secretary LeBlueBlah.

    Comedy Central / Via

    As for Ellen, she had the best line of all: "You know what’s easier than moving to Canada? Voting."


    Thank you, Ellen. You just get us.

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