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    We Read An Erotic Trudeau-Inspired Story And Were Only Mildly Aroused

    "I was like, not negatively aroused." (NSFW!)

    Serving the Prime Minister: A Canadian Romance is an erotic story that is not about Justin Trudeau while at the same time totally being about Trudeau.

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    Written by Sam Shiver, the short book (as in, nine pages) is available for Kindle devices from Amazon.

    The book's protagonist is Shawn, a fresh-out-of-University campaign volunteer who ends up working for the new prime minister, Dustin Waterhole. One late night at the office, the two share some beers and then (spoiler!) they bang.

    The staff at BuzzFeed Canada read Serving the Prime Minister then had a NSFW chat about our feelings.

    BuzzFeed Canada

    Elamin: None whatsoever.

    Sarah: None.

    Ishmael: No doubt, but I can't understand the name's origin. I mean Justin>Dustin. Sure. But Trudeau>Waterhole? WTF?

    Scaachi: Because of butts. I think.

    (We have realized that "Waterhole" is English for "trou d'eau." Sound it out.)

    BuzzFeed Canada

    Elamin: Yep, fresh out of uni.

    Lauren: And somehow assisting the prime minister? Also probably for no pay? This whole thing is an HR violation.

    Scaachi: He's also very fit. He is sure to talk about his fitness.

    Sarah: He ate EGGS and a PROTEIN SHAKE.

    Ishmael: "I liked having a nice body and wanted to keep it," says the 23-year-old protagonist who also has a "useless" poli-sci degree.

    Lauren: Also his whole "I'm not gay, I like CHICKS and PROTEIN, but also totes let's have sex, PM man."

    Elamin: RIGHT. Like what. I don't even remember when we started kissing, but then boom, my first gay sex of my life.

    BuzzFeed Canada

    Tanya: There was no suspense.

    Sarah: It escalated very quickly.

    Lauren: Like. LIPS, DICK, BOOM. The only foreplay was a lot of ab stroking.

    Tanya: Yeah, huge holes in character development.

    Elamin: Also I love the gaps in the descriptions of pleasure. Like, yeah yeah, the prime minister blew me whatever, but LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT ANAL, OH BOY, THIS WILL TAKE SOME TIME


    Scaachi: I have known some Shawns in my time and you're right.

    BuzzFeed Canada

    Lauren: I was like, not negatively aroused.

    Tanya: I think I rewrote it in my head and like I could have been, so the idea was there.

    Elamin: Can I say like a softie? (No.)

    Ishmael: No one will cop to being a tiny bit aroused? Hmm.

    Tanya: I think you just did, Ish.

    Scaachi: What's the girl version of a weak boner?