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Vancouver Just Had The Cutest Yoga Class To Ever Exist

Peak Vancouver? Peak Vancouver.

If ever there was a time to declare that we've reached Peak Vancouver, it might be this.

Over the weekend Stretch Vancouver held Cats on Your Mats, a yoga class with the delightful addition of kitties.

#CatsOnYourMats: Proper technique. @stretchyvr @Catfe_Vancouver #cats #yoga #kittens #猫 #子猫ちゃん #ヨーガ #バンクーバー

Participants stretched while eight visitors from the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association roamed around.

The event raised money for the rescue organization while providing what was surely the most distracting yoga class of all time.

Cats on Your Mats part one is done. Class two starts at 10. @stretchyvr @catfe_vancouver

How could anyone hold a pose under these circumstances?

#CatsOnYourMats w/ @stretchyvr & @VOKRAtweets: #yoga with #cats. Photo preview:

The instructor even got the yogis to chant "meow" instead of "om," according to CBC News.

One participant said the experience felt like "pure love."

Another #catsonyourmats image. #猫 #ヨーガ #cats #yoga #vancouver

“What they give is no judgment, non-biased love," Mya Wollf told The Province.

The sold-out classes were so successful that the organizers are planning another event for January.

But Vancouver's not done yet, friends.

There will be not one but two sold-out Bunny Yoga classes next month at the Vancouver Burlesque Centre.

What fluffy creature will Vancouverites get to do yoga with next? Time will only tell.