This Baby And Rescue Pup's Snuggly Naps Will Melt Your Heart

    Urge to procreate rising.

    This is baby Archie and a cuddly rescue dog named Nora, and they're the cutest nap buddies you could hope for.

    Winnipeg mom Elizabeth Spence has been documenting the two along with the rest of her big family on Instagram.

    With three kids, three cats, and three dogs in the house, sometimes other family members get in on the cuddling, too.

    After Archie joined the family eight months ago, Spence's Instagram account blew up to more than 30,000 followers.

    "I was surprised at first because I was just kind of posting these photos just having a laugh, putting them up for my immediate friends and family," said Spence. "It was nice to see that other people considered it quite special."

    Sometimes Spence will move some limbs around or add some props, but Nora in particular seeks out Archie all on her own.

    "The dog is either there or she comes when she knows that he’s there and she’ll snuggle up with him," said Spence. "I could post a picture like that every day if I didn’t think it would start boring people to tears."

    Spence said people often leave comments saying how her photos brighten their day. She also hopes it shows people how rescuing dogs can add a little more love to their homes.

    "That’s a big emphasis in our family, just loving each other and putting family first and taking care of the animals."

    "Rescue dogs can be absolutely amazing and loving and awesome family members."

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