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    This Vancouver Bulldog Is Living The Life You Only Wish You Were

    Take us with you.

    This is Mister Bentley, an English Bulldog in Vancouver who's living the life you only wish you were.

    The four-year-old belongs to the girlfriend of helicopter pilot Bradley Friesen, but he's basically adopted Mister Bentley as his sidekick.

    Bentley isn't just Friesen's best pal — the pup is also his trusty co-pilot.

    And while zooming through the air might not be the most ~natural~ position for a dog, Mister Bentley seems super chill about the whole thing.

    Friesen, 42, told BuzzFeed Canada he started introducing Bentley to the helicopter a year ago. At first, he just had Bentley hop in as he turned on the engine. Gradually, Bentley started coming along for flights in the backseat before being promoted to co-pilot.

    Now, he can't get enough of it.

    "He goes absolutely crazy for the helicopter," said Friesen. "If I say the word 'helicopter' at home he starts whimpering and whining."

    Even when Bentley sees Friesen getting his camera equipment ready for an adventure, he patiently waits by the door to make sure he isn't left out.

    And he has his own ear protection and harness, of course. Safety first!

    Friesen said that Bentley was once a typical, lazy bulldog but "now he's transformed into adventure dog."

    Friesen has been documenting all their adventures together on Instagram and YouTube.

    And they're pretty much always having the best time ever.

    What could be better than playing hockey with your best friend on a frozen mountain lake?

    Or taking in the breathtaking views of Canada's West Coast?

    Basically, Bentley is living his best possible life.

    And it's OK if you're a little jealous.

    We know we are.

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