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Here's A Fun Reminder That There's No Such Thing As Gay Blood

A Canadian group wants to #EndTheBan.

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Pop quiz! Does this blood look gay to you?


Can't tell, can ya?


That's because...


That's the point The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion is making with a new campaign to end Canada's restrictions on blood donation for gay men.

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(Although if your blood cells are getting groovy on a microscope slide, you should probably consult a medical professional.)

Men who have sex with other men within the last five years are not eligible to donate to Canadian Blood Services.


There used to be a lifetime ban — dating back 20 years — but the restrictions were loosened in 2013. The restriction has also been applied to trans women who have had sex with men.

LGBT advocates have been pressuring Canadian Blood Services to drop the restrictions altogether, saying the rules are based on discrimination, not science.

Along with the video, The Canadian Centre for Diversity And Inclusion has launched an #EndTheBan petition.

Ending the ban has also been taken up by both the Liberals and the NDP.