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This Dirty, Vintage China Would Make Your Grandma Blush

*** Very NSFW dinnerware ahead.

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What happens when you combine delightful ceramics with sex and queer-positive imagery? Amazing items like this.

🔥It's about to get really NSFW. You have been warned.🔥

These are Pansy Ass Ceramics, a collection of delightfully filthy items from a pair of Toronto artists.

The company was started by couple Kris Aaron and Andy Walker, who lovingly handcraft each item.

They even made this set for writer and radio host Dan Savage.

Surely there's someone in your life who would love these.

And who wouldn't want this at their next dinner party.

Especially the super-duper NSFW ones. / Via

These would be perfect for a golden anniversary gift. / Via

They're intended for display purposes, which is just as well since they'll never not be dirty. / Via