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19 Canadians Who Rocked The Hell Out Of Pink To Stand Up To Bullying

The Day of Pink is a reminder that anti-gay and anti-trans bullying hurts.

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The Day of Pink is celebrated every year as a stand against bullying, especially of the anti-gay and anti-trans variety.

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People across Canada marked it on Wednesday by wearing pink shirts and speaking out against discrimination.

It got its start in Nova Scotia when two students stood up for a victim of anti-gay bullying by wearing pink shirts in solidarity.

Here are some Canadians who gave it their all.

1. These two who — bless them — kinda, sorta, really tried.

"Thumbs down to bullying."

2. Toronto Police officers teamed up with local trans activist Susan Gapka to speak with students.

2 #DayofPink with @TorontoPolice & @tdsb at #HarbordCollegiate.

3. This guy wanted to remind you that everybunny matters.

Instagram: @colinlougheed

4. Ontario's first openly gay premier, Kathleen Wynne, also got in on the action.

It’s International #DayOfPink! Together, let’s fight bullying, discrimination, homophobia & transphobia.

5. Some people did it with big smiles and big hearts.

Instagram: @samanthalauzon

6. Others made it a whole office event.

Lots of pink around the TVO offices today as we celebrate #DayofPink. Stand up against bullying & discrimination!

7. Or found some perfect pink accessories.

Bratlett wearing #dayofpink top hat, so his #minecraft partner switched his @Razer keyboard effects to pink wave!

8. Like this beautiful bubblegum turban.

No pink shirt but a #pinkturban will do! Proud to support #dayofpink 2 build a more accepting society #StopBullying

9. These little ones learned to be a buddy, not a bully.

Instagram: @plasp_ccs

10. While some people reminded us you can slay and stand up against discrimination all at the same time.

Instagram: @anthonyjblack

11. Or look perfectly profesh.

Tnx @MidlandPolice Chief 4 working w/ the community 2 end bullying, homophobia & transphobia. #dayofpink @dayofpink

12. From Ontario's legislature.

Pretty in Pink for #dayofpink @CCGSD_CCDGS

13. To Parliament Hill.

#DayofPink #journeerose today to combat bullying, homophobia & transphobia. @RonaAmbrose & I wearing our pink 2day!

14. Some trees got involved. Because trees don't support bullying, either.

Instagram: @smwatt56

15. And neither does this dog.

Instagram: @tails

17. Leave it to man's best friend to just get that bullying needs to end.

18. But ultimately today is a reminder that it isn't shirts that stop bullying...

Instagram: @stikky_stuff

19. It's the people wearing them. 💕

Instagram: @kamielhughes