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    Posted on Apr. 5, 2017

    Canadians, Here’s How To Get Horny For Summer


    1. Let's start by taking off that parka.

    Anetlanda / Getty Images

    2. Remember not needing sleeves? Yeah, that's nice. Stretch it out.

    M-imagephotography / Getty Images

    3. And remember outside?

    4. Think back to that feeling of the cottage key sliding snugly into the lock.

    Lespalenik / Getty Images

    5. Don't you miss treating your butt to a muskoka chair?

    Elenathewise / Getty Images

    6. How about feeling your body glide headfirst into a cool lake?

    Brianguest / Getty Images

    7. Remember the BEACH? That feeling of the sun shining so hard on your exposed flesh?

    8. And sunset walks with the sand in your toes?

    9. Just think about your fingers sliding into a wet cooler full of drinks.

    Becon / Getty Images

    10. Or a cold beer sliding down your throat on a hot patio.

    11. Maybe you'd prefer a rooftop patio. You know, if you're into watching.

    Imageegami / Getty Images

    12. Maybe you just miss being able to take care of your body's needs outside.

    Justin Tang / The Canadian Press

    13. Or your canoe paddle plunging over and over into a pristine Alberta lake.

    Tashka / Getty Images

    14. Perhaps you're craving the feeling of the wind pulling your hair back while you boat across the water.

    Liudmylasupynska / Getty Images

    15. Or checking out the tantalizing curves of the Nova Scotia coast.

    Petrovvadim / Getty Images

    16. Maybe you'd like to go all the way with a cross-country roadtrip.

    Yinyang / Getty Images

    17. We bet you're thinking of pitching a tent right now.

    Benedek / Getty Images

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