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Canadians, Here’s How To Get Horny For Summer


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1. Let's start by taking off that parka.

Anetlanda / Getty Images

2. Remember not needing sleeves? Yeah, that's nice. Stretch it out.

M-imagephotography / Getty Images

4. Think back to that feeling of the cottage key sliding snugly into the lock.

Lespalenik / Getty Images

5. Don't you miss treating your butt to a muskoka chair?

Elenathewise / Getty Images

6. How about feeling your body glide headfirst into a cool lake?

Brianguest / Getty Images

7. Remember the BEACH? That feeling of the sun shining so hard on your exposed flesh?

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8. And sunset walks with the sand in your toes?

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9. Just think about your fingers sliding into a wet cooler full of drinks.

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10. Or a cold beer sliding down your throat on a hot patio.

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11. Maybe you'd prefer a rooftop patio. You know, if you're into watching.

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12. Maybe you just miss being able to take care of your body's needs outside.

Justin Tang / The Canadian Press

13. Or your canoe paddle plunging over and over into a pristine Alberta lake.

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14. Perhaps you're craving the feeling of the wind pulling your hair back while you boat across the water.

Liudmylasupynska / Getty Images

15. Or checking out the tantalizing curves of the Nova Scotia coast.

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16. Maybe you'd like to go all the way with a cross-country roadtrip.

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17. We bet you're thinking of pitching a tent right now.

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