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    17 Photos That Will Give You A Raging Hockey Boner

    Dat glass.

    Look, I'm sure your local community skating rink is a thing of beauty.

    And I'm sure your backyard rink is on point. But this is winter. In Canada. And the sweetest hockey rinks of all aren't rinks at all.

    1. I'm talking about the unrivaled, erotic majesty of our all-natural frozen lakes.

    2. Like Clear Lake in Manitoba where, when the conditions are just right, the ice turns see-through and you can skate while watching fish swim.

    3. Look how the sky and ice become one with your body.

    4. And that shiny, enticing surface.

    5. Or how about a little shinny on the seductive surface of the highly picturesque Lake Louise in Alberta?

    6. You'd skate that so hard.

    7. Or how about Windy Arm, Yukon.

    8. Where the views are as sensual as that shiny, shiny ice.

    9. You want this, don't you?

    10. Or maybe you're more into the raw, rugged good looks of Silver Springs in British Columbia.

    11. Or the urban sophistication and charm of Grenadier Pond in Toronto's High Park.

    12. How about this hunky specimen in Calgary?

    13. There are no wrong answers. Just scenes that will take your breath away.

    14. And ice you can't wait to get up close and personal with.

    15. From sprawling, untouched lakes.

    16. To humble ponds surrounded by snow-dusted pines.

    17. There's a patch of ice just waiting to seduce you.

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