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17 Photos That Will Give You A Raging Hockey Boner

Dat glass.

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Look, I'm sure your local community skating rink is a thing of beauty.

Instagram: @xoto_

And I'm sure your backyard rink is on point. But this is winter. In Canada. And the sweetest hockey rinks of all aren't rinks at all.

Instagram: @jospurrell

1. I'm talking about the unrivaled, erotic majesty of our all-natural frozen lakes.

Instagram: @othertimsmith

2. Like Clear Lake in Manitoba where, when the conditions are just right, the ice turns see-through and you can skate while watching fish swim.

Instagram: @canoeordie

3. Look how the sky and ice become one with your body.

Instagram: @wilf_tarleton

4. And that shiny, enticing surface.

Instagram: @othertimsmith

5. Or how about a little shinny on the seductive surface of the highly picturesque Lake Louise in Alberta?

Instagram: @carolyn_ohagan

8. Where the views are as sensual as that shiny, shiny ice.

Instagram: @jakeslonski

10. Or maybe you're more into the raw, rugged good looks of Silver Springs in British Columbia.

Instagram: @harose22

11. Or the urban sophistication and charm of Grenadier Pond in Toronto's High Park.

Instagram: @contactphoto

12. How about this hunky specimen in Calgary?

Instagram: @mikvika

13. There are no wrong answers. Just scenes that will take your breath away.

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14. And ice you can't wait to get up close and personal with.

Instagram: @kirykou

15. From sprawling, untouched lakes.

Instagram: @coachchabot

16. To humble ponds surrounded by snow-dusted pines.

Instagram: @krystleedon

17. There's a patch of ice just waiting to seduce you.

Instagram: @selinatyler