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18 Hilarious And Heartwarming Canadian Coming Out Stories

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We reached out to the beautiful Canadians of BuzzFeed Community and asked to hear their most funny and heartwarming tales of coming out as LGBT. Here are the delightful stories you shared with us.

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1. But The Raptors Game Is On

"I don't think y'all are ready for how Canadian this shit is gonna be. So I accidentally came out to my mom while on a layover in the Ottawa airport. She was super cool about it, not much to tell there.

I immediately went to tell my dad when we got home. He was watching a Raptors game. I went over to him, said we needed to talk and told him that I'm gay. His response was literally to grab my hand, and tell me how wonderful it was and that he loves me no matter what my sexuality is, before asking if it was okay for him to go back to watching the game. Amazingly chill."

— Mary Walpole, Facebook

2. Me Too!

"I was in the car with my mom and we had just come back from swimming when I told her I was bisexual. She turned to me and said 'I’m so proud that you came out to me, because that’s something I could never tell my mom.' So I came out to her and she came out to me."


3. As Long As You're Not Racist

"I came out to my dad as gay and he said, 'As long as you're not a white supremacist, I'm all good.' He's great."


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4. OK But What About Grandchildren?!

"I came out to my parents one at a time, and yet both of them had the exact same response: 'OK, but you still want kids, right!?'"


5. Keepin' It Casual

"I always knew I was a lesbian — always wanted to wear my brothers close, loved my sports and thought other girls were soo cute. To me it wasn't obvious that everyone kinda knew already and I was scared to come out and say that I was gay. I remember the first time it was ever brought up, my mom and I went to get the mail one day and I think I was about 11. I get out, grab the mail, and mom casually looks at me and asks, 'so you gay?' I said 'I think so' and that was it. I had it easy because really I never had to come out. I wish it was this easy for everyone. Thanks mom and dad for being so supportive :)"


6. The Cock Ring Gave It Away

"This is more a coming-out-to-me story: My good friend sits me down and he's super flustered and nervous and starts this long and clearly prepared speech about how he has some shocking news that may disturb me but that he hopes it won't change our friendship and how I'm the first person he's had this conversation with. He takes a deep breath, about to reveal this earth-shattering news and tells me 'I'm gay.' I just looked at him and went 'Yes, and?' I think he was actually a little put out no one was surprised, but please: we'd gone to a gay bar for his 19th birthday and I gave him a card with a glow-in-the-dark cock ring inside. This was not a shocker. Moral of the story: the people who love you, love you, regardless. And also probably already know."

— Jessica Davey-Quantick, Facebook

7. *Not* Together

"I'm an out lesbian, so I've come out to multiple people in multiple ways, but the funniest time was when I was in a group meeting. My colleague has these meeting rooms with glass walls, and my friend (a dude) walked by and gave me this big cheesy smile face. He's ridiculously good looking (for a dude), and one of the girls in my group was like: 'Ooh, so are you and he... *super suggestive eyebrow raise*.'

And I, absolutely horrified, blurted out, 'No! We're both gay!'"

— Jessica Lenz, Facebook

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8. Read All About It

"Of all the different ways I came out as trans, I think the best part was when I did a newspaper interview about gender-neutral bathrooms as an openly-trans student at my university. The people who I cared most about knowing already knew, especially since I'd already been on hormones for a few months. But anyone who didn't already know (including some family members I was still afraid to tell) would've found out the moment they picked up the paper that day."

— Ryan Michael Wildgoose, Facebook

9. Or Write All About It

"I am a fourth year university student in Canada, and I came out to a lot of my peers recently when I was published in my university's lifestyle and culture magazine. I wrote an article called 'Coming Out and Speaking Out,' in which I talked about not fitting the stereotypes and norms surrounding gay women. I was a little nervous to come out so publicly, but I am super passionate about spreading the message that stereotypes surrounding the gay community can be really inaccurate and harmful. I think coming out this way could help others out there feeling the way I did not too long ago."

— Emily Duncan, email

Emily Duncan
Emily Duncan

10. Can You hear Me Now?

"I was going to school in Victoria, B.C., and my family was in California, and I decided the perfect time to come out was on the ferry ride to Vancouver, where I was going for Thanksgiving. It hadn't occurred to me that phone reception in the middle of the Georgia Strait might not be ideal as my mom had to piece together my coming out while my phone kept cutting in and out, but major points to her for figuring it out."


11. Phew

"I guess when I was texting my uncle saying I wanted to tell him something I was a bit too vague cause when I came out to him later he said, 'oh good I thought you were pregnant!'"


12. Oh My Blog

"I was so nervous about telling my dad. Like, to the point where he was one of the last people to find out. I even posted it on my blog before telling him, which actually turned out to be a good thing. Here's how the conversation played out:

Dad: 'So, are you seeing anyone?'

Josh: 'Um, that's an interesting question.'

Dad: 'Well, I'll put it this way. I saw your website.'
Josh: 'Oh.'

Dad: 'So, I'll ask again, are you seeing anyone?'

Josh: 'His name is Steve?'

To which Dad laughed and said he and his girlfriend had suspected it for years. So yeah, that went better than I thought it would!"

— joshkhorton

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13. Two In One

"I called my twin and explained that I was transgender and that I didn't feel I was a woman. I explained I felt more like a guy. They couldn't believe gender was something other people felt and realized they were actually agender and part of the transgender community too."


14. True, Though

"About a month after the first guy I’d ever liked ghosted on me, I decided to tell my mom in the middle of a road trip when we were trapped in the car together.

Me: I fell in love with a guy! *bursts into hysterical tears*

Mom: Oh my god! No, it's OK! You don't have to cry, it doesn't matter if you're gay!



15. Real Talk

"The first group of friends I came out to was during a party. We were talking about how we don’t really like our own vaginas, how we always think there’s something wrong with them, and I said (note: I’m a little drunk at this point) ‘Yeah I don’t like my vagina, but other girls’ vaginas? Totally!’”


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16. Never Say No To Free Cake

"I told my dad that I'm a lesbian back when I was 15 and he was so happy that I won't be dating boys that he seriously offered to bake me a cake. I should have said yes. He's a great cook."

— Nico DeVeber, Facebook

17. The Danger Of Coming Out At Dinner

"I came out to my parents, by accident, in a restaurant, on my 18th birthday. One of my friends had invited me to her beach house, but her parents had a 'no boys' rule. My friend told her parents it was OK because I was gay (I was out to her already). I was recounting this story to my parents at dinner and they thought it was *hilarious* that anyone would think I was gay because my brother had come out a year prior. My parents' favourite phrase was 'wrong sibling' whenever there was a gay rumour about me.

So I'm telling this story about how my friend told her parents I was gay, and my parents laugh and say 'wrong sibling!'... to which I slowly raised my hand and went 'actually, right sibling.' My dad started choking on his salad; so much so that he had to leave the restaurant to catch his breath. My mom looked at me, signaled the waiter, looked back at me, and said, 'I'm gonna need another martini.' (They were/are extremely supportive, just shocked at the time)"

— Stefan Paul Palios, Facebook

18. Outed By A Sibling

"I was in grade nine and sitting in the living room with family. Previously I had already come out to my mom and sister but my dad didn't know I was a lesbian. So he had just finished asking my sister if she had a boyfriend, and then asked me the same thing: 'So Shae, any boyfriends in your life?' Before I even had a chance to say anything my sister chimed in, 'Shae doesn't like boys!!!' It was quiet for a few minutes after, then my dad just said 'alright' and that it didn't matter."

— Shae-Lynn Victoria Mazure, Facebook

Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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