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    Canada Has Blessed Us With The Most Ridiculous Ad For Public Transit

    For the buscurious.

    If there's one thing Edmonton has a knack for its turning seemingly mundane things into the time of your life. Like that giant mall, for example.

    Or the unparalleled joy of getting on a municipal public bus.

    City of Edmonton / Via

    A video from the City of Edmonton wants to know if you're ❄️😎 COOL😎❄️ enough to ride the bus.

    Surely there are few in this world worthy of such prestige, but nonetheless the video goes on to espouse the fleet's remarkable amenities.

    Like "personal climate control."

    City of Edmonton / Via

    "Luxurious seating."

    City of Edmonton

    And the ability to text without smashing into a Canada Post mailbox.

    City of Edmonton

    An Edmonton Transit System spokesperson told Metro "We're not only trying to get across some tongue-in-cheek points about what it's like to take the bus … but if we can also spark some people's interest and curiosity about taking the bus, there's actual tangible benefits city wide."

    Emphasis ours.

    And who wouldn't be curious after this.

    City of Edmonton
    City of Edmonton


    YouTube / Via

    Watch the whole video (if you're cool enough, that is).

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