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    A Vacationing Family Stumbled Upon A Shirtless Justin Trudeau Emerging From A Cave

    That's so Trudeau.

    An Ontario family was having a nice hike last week when Justin Trudeau emerged, shirtless, from a cave.


    Jim Godby via / Via

    According to, Jim and Arlene Lillie Godby were at Lusk Cave, near Ottawa, with their children Charlotte and Alexander.

    The family was on a trail that looks down into the cave when they heard a familiar say "This is the moment of truth. Do we stop here or continue?"

    Trudeau later emerged from the cave — again, shirtless — along with his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and their kids. A stream runs through the cave, which may or may not explain the lack of shirt.

    "He was leading his family through the cave quite enthusiastically," he told BuzzFeed Canada.

    Jim posted about the encounter on Facebook. His daughter,, chatted with Sophie and his son asked the prime minister for a selfie.

    Jim Godby via / Via

    "It was rather quick, but rather fun and amazing at the same time," said Jim.

    Though he's met Trudeau once before at a campaign stop, Jim said it was cool to see the PM just being a dad out with his family.

    "It was such a Canadian thing to do, being with your family hiking," said Jim.

    For his family, it was an experience they'll never forget.

    "My son was thrilled, he couldn’t believe it. And my daughter was pretty excited she spoke to Sophie," said Jim.

    "They were just just kind of over the moon afterwards."


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