A Dad Punched A Cougar In The Head To Save His Kid

    Canadian parenting instincts FTW.

    A dad in Tahsis, British Columbia has just won the award for Most Badass Father after responding to a cougar attacking his daughter by punching it in the goddamn head.

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    Travis Nielsen was relaxing in his backyard with his wife and two-year-old daughter Bree when, out of nowhere, a cougar leapt at Bree.

    Anna Nielsen

    "It approached her from behind and leapt on top of her with its front legs around her shoulders," Nielsen told BuzzFeed Canada.

    "We didn't even see it come up it was so sneaky."

    Some people may have reacted by running, or freezing up, or wetting themselves. But not Nielsen. He punched the beast in the side of the head.

    Anna Nielsen

    "When it jumped on her I immediately grabbed her shirt and pulled her toward me and at the same time I struck the animal," he said.

    "It’s not even like I was thinking, it was one big moment, my instincts said get her out of there," he said. "That’s my baby, you know."

    The cougar let go but circled around, looking for another way to get to Bree.

    "It didn't leave right away I had to yell 'get out of here, get out of here,'" said Nielsen. Finally, it backed off as his wife whisked Bree back to the house.

    Bree suffered two puncture wounds on her back, one on her chest, and a laceration on her ear lobe. While Nielsen said he's a bit shaken up, he said Bree is doing well.

    Anna Nielsen
    Anna Nielsen

    According to CBC News, conservation officers found and destroyed a cougar after the attack. Nielsen said authorities have also set up traps.

    In the mean time, he and Bree are staying inside.

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