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Canada Is Finally Getting Rid Of The "Tampon Tax"

It's about bloody time.

Rejoice, menstruating Canadians! The federal government will no longer charge GST on tampons as of July 1.

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And not just tampons — the change applies to pads and menstrual cups, too.

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Sanitary belts are also included, in case anyone still uses those.

The change comes after a campaign from Canadian Menstruators, including a petition and cheeky video.

Canadian Menstruators / Via

Their petition calling for an end to GST on menstrual products gained more than 74,000 signatures. As it pointed out, that little percentage on top of your purchase doesn't feel so little to everyone:

A small tax on tampons/pads/panty liners/menstrual cups adds up when combined with the systemic challenges many women, trans people, genderqueer people, and other menstruators face in terms of their income, housing, and economic stability.

Tampons now join other essential items like food and medical devices in the tax-exempt category.

Hammerkatz Nyu / Via

The petition also noted that wedding cakes and cocktail cherries have been tax-free this whole time.

So just remember, next time you feel like this... least you'll be paying less come Canada Day.

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