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Canada Got The Japanese Anime Treatment And It's Effin' Beautiful

I want to go to there.

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We already know that Canada is stupidly beautiful, but it might be even more stunning in anime form.

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Destination Canada worked with the Japanese studio behind Your Name — the highest-grossing anime film of all time — and director Hisayuki Tabata to create a tourism ad that will make you fall in love with Canada all over again.

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Meant to show Japanese tourists everything they can do during a Canadian winter, the ad follows around Satsuki and her boyfriend Yuya as they take in iconic Canadian scenes.

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Such as the majestic views in Banff.

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And the Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver.

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And the Drop sculpture overlooking the Vancouver waterfront.

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They also check out an icy Niagara Falls.

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And go skating in front of the Toronto sign in Nathan Phillips Square.

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And, of course, watch the northern lights.

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While it's targeted at people in Japan, Canadians are loving it too.

Never have I been more proud to be Canadian as when my country was featured in a 30-second Makoto Shinkai animation

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And people have pointed out it's a pretty spot-on representation of what Canada has to offer.

Makoto Shinkai's new animation on Canadian tourism - Anime vs real life Watch:

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Watch the full video below.

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