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The Toronto Zoo's Baby Pandas Actually Look Like Pandas Now

Has anyone ever noticed how weird panda butts are?

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In October, the Toronto Zoo celebrated the birth of twin Giant Panda cubs. Which is great! But let's be honest, newborn pandas are a bit... weird looking.

Toronto Zoo

They were still cute, of course! Like little naked mole rats.

Toronto Zoo

But now, the little darlings have outgrown their incubator and have moved into the fluffy, roly-poly stage of their lives.

Toronto Zoo

Look at those precious little paws! Those fuzzy little butts!

Toronto Zoo

They have what looks like wee lounge chairs. Which is great news.

Toronto Zoo

They just barely contain their wiggles.

Toronto Zoo / Via

The cubs are on a rotating schedule with mom Er Shun, with one hanging out with her at a time.

Toronto Zoo

BONUS ROUND: A baby polar bear was also recently welcomed. And your desire to nibble its tiny ear? Totally normal.

Female polar bear cub born at the Toronto Zoo November 11, 2015 #TOpolarbearcub