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    A Pizza Guy Sent This Woman Body-Shaming Texts After He Was Late Delivering Her Food

    He has since been fired.

    What started as a late-night pizza order turned into series of nasty text messages for a woman in Thornhill, Ontario.

    via Nadisha Mendes

    Nadisha Mendes and her sister placed an order with Pizza Pizza on Tuesday just before midnight.

    Forty-five minutes later, when their order hadn't arrived, Mendes gave Pizza Pizza a call to make sure everything had gone through. Since the pizza chain has a 40-minutes-or-it's-free policy, the customer service representative told her that when the order arrived, she wouldn't have to pay.

    That's when the driver finally showed up. She passed the phone to him so the customer service rep could tell him that pizza would be free.

    It was about 30 minutes after he left that Mendes' sister's phone started getting these text messages asking how she could be enjoying a "cheated pizza."

    via Nadisha Mendes

    They also called her "pathetic."

    via Nadisha Mendes

    "This is over a $25 pizza that I’m getting harassed like this," said Mendes.

    It's not as if she even wanted a free pizza, she said. She was just shocked to see that her sister's personal information was being used for harassment.

    Then he started commenting on Mendes' body. "Maybe u really shouldn't be eating such a big pizza all to urself this late at night even if its free because u looked like u could lose a few pounds too," he wrote.

    via Nadisha Mendes

    "Imagine if I was a guy in this situation — do you think he would have gotten these texts? Do you think it would have gotten this personal?" said Mendes.

    "It's like, buddy, who are you to say these things? No one should ever have to feel bad about what they eat."

    She said she told her sister to block the number before calling Pizza Pizza customer service. The man on the other hand, who claimed to be the district sales manager (she later found out he wasn't), apologized but said the driver was new and a "good guy."

    "I'm like wait, hold on, no person you would refer to as a 'good guy' would go out of their way to send text messages like that," she said.

    Although she did receive a credit on her account — an account she now plans to close — it wasn't until she shared the text messages on social media that Pizza Pizza called again to say the driver had been let go.

    But that's of little comfort to Mendes since the driver knows both her address and sister's phone number.

    "It may sound silly, but I'm genuinely afraid," she said.

    Pizza Pizza has not responded to BuzzFeed Canada's request for comment.

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