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    Hal And Joanne From "Body Break" Are The Cutest Cannibals

    Get fit, have fun, eat brains.

    Canadians know Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod as fitness gurus and spandex enthusiasts, but did you also know they enjoy the succulent taste of human flesh?

    The Body Break stars' latest health and wellness tip is to dissect and consume fellow humans, perhaps in the form of a refreshing smoothie.


    Like social media fitness influencers for example.


    Well okay, it's actually all an ad for Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet, a show that sees a suburban mom turn into a flesh-craving zombie.


    Johnson and McLeod aren't in the show, just the promo spot.

    But gosh darn do they ever make murder and cannibalism seem charming.


    "The only diet that keeps you in shape with the freshest and leanest meats!"


    They even throw in their signature tag line at the end.

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