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An Edmonton Photographer Created A Blood Dress And The Photos Are Beautifully Creepy

A bloodshot, if you will.

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Edmonton artist Melissa Trotter, the woman behind Stolen Innocence Photography, used her camera and some careful editing to turn buckets of fake blood into a stunning dress.

And the final image has now gone viral, netting more than 1.7 million views on Imgur.

"I'd seen pictures of the milk dress shoots going around for years and I just thought it would be really neat to try something like that with blood," Trotter told BuzzFeed Canada.

"It fits into the darker themes that I tend to gravitate toward."

For the blood dress, Trotter had model Anja, who she's worked with before, pose nude while blood was thrown at her body. The final image took eight hours to complete and is actually about 10 images stitched together in Photoshop.

"Anja is definitely a trooper, she's probably been through much worse with me," said Trotter.

"She was quite sticky and uncomfortable by the end of it."

This outtake photo gives you an idea of just what Anja had to endure.

Melissa Trotter, Stolen Innocence Photography / Via Facebook: StolenInnocencePhotography

The blood itself is made with icing sugar, cocoa powder, red food colouring, and water.

"And it’s delicious, so that’s wonderful," said Trotter.

You can see more of Trotter's work on her website and Facebook page.