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    5 Female Artists Who Deserved Better From The Juno Awards


    The nominees for the Juno Awards were announced this week and people noticed some similarities among the top-billed categories. Do you see it?


    Yeah. That's a lot of dudes.


    That's not to say women were totally shut out (other categories have better representation), but Drake, The Weeknd and Justin Bieber led the pack.

    It was enough to spawn #JunosSoMale, calling attention to the snubbing of Canada's amazing female artists.

    All the dudes congratulating the dudes @TheJUNOAwards #junossomale

    .@amymillan with some real talk on #JunoAwards nominations. Where them girls at? #JunosSoMale

    Here're your #Juno Artist of the Year nominees without the male gaze. #JunosSoMale @CBCNews @Jillian_Bell

    WTF, Junos? Here are some badass Canadian women who deserve all the awards in the world.

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    1. Carly Rae Jepsen — Emotion

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    That CRJ wasn't even nominated in the best pop album category is an actual national tragedy. Her one nomination is for the Fan Choice Award.

    Despite the snub, Emotion is as solid a pop album as you could ever hope for. Literally do not do anything other than breathe until you listen to it.

    2. Grimes — Art Angels

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    There's some speculation that Grimes' album came out too late to make the cut. Which, frankly, is the only acceptable explanation for why Art Angels didn't get a single nod.

    3. Buffy Sainte-Marie — Power in the Blood

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    Aside from being a goddamn legend, Sainte-Marie also released one of 2015’s most powerful and political albums.

    Sainte-Marie didn't get a best album nod from the Junos but is nominated for songwriter of the year, Aboriginal album of the year, and contemporary roots album of the year.

    4. Cœur De Pirate — Roses

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    Béatrice Martin, the Quebecois musician behind Cœur De Pirate, is currently kicking ass, taking names, and selling out shows across the country.

    As the Toronto Star put it, Roses transcends any language barriers with Martin's sweet orchestral jams. She's nominated for both the fan choice and songwriter of the year awards.

    5. Alessia Cara — Know-It-All

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    Okay, fine, Alessia Cara actually got four Juno nods for fan choice, R&B/soul recording, single of the year, and breakthrough artist of the year.

    But you couldn't make a list of the best albums of 2015 from female artists without mentioning Know-It-All. You just couldn't.

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