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These "Fire Babies" Got Together For An Epically Adorable Photo Shoot

Thirty-one babies and one unforgettable summer.

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Now imagine having to deal with evacuating while pregnant with your first child. That's exactly what happened to Amy Lynn Emery.

Amy Lynn Emery

Emery was just a month from her due date when she evacuated Williams Lake last July.

"Any birth plan I had went out the door. It was pretty rough," she told BuzzFeed Canada. "This was a whole new scary thing for me for me to be going through."

She ended up giving birth to baby Carver on Aug. 10, and it turned out she was hardly the only one to have a Fire Baby.

Amy Lynn Emery

Emery made a Facebook group to connect with other Williams Lake parents who welcomed a baby during the crisis and it turned out there were 30 other little ones born.

So, as a reminder of the wild ride, Emery organized an epic photo shoot with local photographer Laureen Carruthers of every single baby.

Carruthers told BuzzFeed Canada she was happy to help after the chaos of the fires.

Laureen Carruthers Photography

"A lot of people were out of work for weeks on end, a lot of people lost homes," said Carruthers, who owns a studio in Williams Lake.

"Our whole extended community has been affected because it was so widespread."

Lauren Strapagiel is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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