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    A Bar Told This Trans Woman She Could Only Use The Men's Bathroom

    "They don’t get to dictate which bathrooms trans people use."

    A night out quickly turned sour after a bar in Medicine Hat, Alberta, told River Rising she wasn't allowed to use the women's washroom.

    "A little while later the bouncer called me over and started asking me some really uncomfortable questions about my body," said the 21-year-old makeup artist.

    "He told me that while I was on the premises I couldn’t use the women’s washroom," said Rising. "I told him I hadn’t used a men’s washroom since I was at least 16 years old and I had no intention of starting and that I would rather pee myself then use a men’s washroom."

    A few days later, Rising found out the bar had put up a sign that read, "You must use the bathroom of your birth gender."

    Then, on July 26, the bar posted an apology on their Facebook page and announced that a bathroom had been designated as gender-neutral. But even that, Rising said, contained very problematic language.

    Although Rising has had a couple of other similar incidents in her life, she also wants people to know this treatment has not been the norm for her.