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    This Norwegian Man Got His Testicle Stuck In An Ikea Stool And Found It Quite Funny

    What's Norwegian for "ouch"?

    Say hello to Claus Jørstad, a photographer and local politician in Alta, Norway, whose new claim to fame involves getting his genitalia stuck in a piece of Swedish furniture.

    Claus Jørstad

    Jørstad had recently been kicked in the knee while working as a security guard. Since standing has been difficult, he bought a Marius stool from Ikea. This particular stool has a ring of large holes on it, which is where the testicle trouble began.

    Ikea / Via

    He was in the shower and the "soap and water made [my testicle] more slippery than Donald Trump's Teflon brain," Jørstad told BuzzFeed News. "So it slipped into the hole, and as we know, things expand when its hot."

    Ikea / Via

    "Now, some asked how my nut could fit there, and the explanation is easy: One of the nuts is smaller than the other two... And I live in Norway, where its cold," he added.

    "It's so cold here, children start cheering if they get chased by wolves, because they have to run so fast they get warm."

    He was stuck, and in the worst way possible. He sat there as the shower got cold around him, lost as to how to save one-third of his "skipper and two sailors."

    Claus Jørstad

    He was about to risk electrocution and use a hairdryer for some warmth when — and we hope there was a delightful *pop* noise — his testicle freed itself. He assumes the cold temperature caused some ball-saving shrinkage.

    Jørstad recounted his harrowing experience, at length, in a post on Ikea Norway's Facebook page. He ended by inquiring whether the stool is also available in yellow.

    (It's not.)

    The post has been shared and liked thousands of times by people delighted with his nut nuisance.

    Ikea played along, suggesting Jørstad find a more appropriate location for the stool. He responded with his own solution.

    Claus Jørstad
    Claus Jørstad

    Jørstad has since converted the stool to an attractive plant stand to lessen the risk of further trauma to his testicles.

    Claus Jørstad

    As for becoming internet famous for getting a ball stuck in a cheap stool? He's pretty cool about it.

    Claus Jørstad

    "Nice to make people laugh in these days of terror and war and other depressing news. And hey, even more people notice my photography work, so its win-win."

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