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Winterfell Has Moved From Westeros To Alberta

This guy rocks.

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Artist Luke Materi has put hundreds of hours into building a miniature city out of rocks and driftwood in Bragg Creek, Alberta. A big fan of Game of Thrones, Materi named the project Winterfell after starting its construction last summer.


"I call it natural land art, basically," Materi, 37, told BuzzFeed Canada. The entire project spans about 250 feet and has become a landmark for locals as well as tourists who stumble upon it.

A plumber by day, Materi uses projects like this as a way to get out of the city and get creative. "But also to have a positive difference, to make a positive contribution to society," he said.

The 2013 floods in Southern Alberta are what pushed all the rocks and driftwood he's building with ashore. "It’s basically just kind of showing that you can’t really have creation without destruction," he said. "It’s sort of that circle of life."

Luke Materi

He's still working away at the project on weekends, building new structures, and clearing pathways for visitors.

"The end goal is just to finish the castle with all the details and to make it last two or three years," he said.

You can follow Materi's work — and his feathered friends — on his Facebook page.

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