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Canada Got Oreo Creme Eggs And We're Feeling Deliciously Petty About It

Not sorry.

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Cadbury has released an Oreo version of their Creme Egg and people are kind of freaking out.

Cadbury's have released an oreo creme egg, you say? *runs to shop*

Instead of being filled with yellow and white sugary paste, they're filled with white sugary paste and Oreo cookie bits.

Which evidently sounds thrilling to a whole bunch of people.

Oreo flavoured creme eggs? Shut up and take my money!! #GameChanger

But the most delicious part is that FOR ONCE CANADA GOT A THING THAT OTHERS DIDN'T.

@taylorpammy Hi Pam, Cadbury Oreo egg is available in Canada & Australia only, we launch different products to suit different countries. 1/2


According to reports, Oreo egg variations — including one you eat with a spoon — can only be found in Canada, the UK, and Australia.

So @Oreo @CadburyUK egg n spoons are a thing!?????

Not to be petty, but this doesn't happen very often.

Mildly offended that the Oreo creme egg is only available in Canada. RUDE

Sorry, neighbours.

@CadburyUK & @Oreo I can't afford to move to the UK or Canada. Pls give USA the Oreo Cadbury Egg, we need happiness on this side of the pond


But also... not sorry.

Wait, there's an Oreo Cadbury Egg and it's not available in America?


To see if they're worth the ~hype~, BuzzFeed Canada bought a bunch and ate them. For science or whatever.

BuzzFeed Canada

Here's what we thought:

Ishmael: I love everything Oreo, so this is right up my alley. If anything, I could use a bit more cookie bits in there, but overall the cookies-and-cream inside works amazingly well in a cream egg.

Kat: I'm not a huge fan of the regular creme eggs because they're too rich for me. But the Oreo one provides a nice change, and the cookie flavour and crunch makes the rest of it more palatable. Still, if I ate more than one, I'd probably regret it very quickly.

Elamin: It was so good. I felt immediately like... how was this never a thing before? It felt like an inevitable marriage, tbh.

Jane: Filling is the best part of an Oreo. Stuffing a chocolate egg with it and adding crunchy bits of cookie was a stroke of genius. This is what Oreo cookies were born to be.

Lauren: I like how the original creme eggs have an egg-like filling, but also they taste disgusting. This was less disgusting, but less egg-like. So 6/10, would consider eating again.

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