Edmonton's New Hot Spot Is An Accidental Beach

    This place has everything.

    Edmonton's hottest club is Accidental Beach.


    This place has everything — sand, water, and a gorgeous view of the downtown skyline.

    And its existence is literally accidental. The city is building an LRT bridge, and construction changed the currents on the North Saskatchewan River, creating the sandy strip.

    And Edmontonians have been flocking to the happy accident.

    Hundreds of people at the accidental beach in Cloverdale on a sunny Sunday afternoon. #yeg #yegcc

    @nolakeelerCBC / Twitter / Via Twitter: @nolakeelerCBC

    According to reports, the beach was packed over the weekend with people soaking in the sunshine.

    What's good, Calgary?

    You can even find it on Google Maps, now.

    The best part of this summer: typing in accidental beach to find the accidental beach. #yegdt #ExploreEdmonton

    @MissSerena / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MissSerena

    People are hoping that regardless of the bridge construction, the beach gets to stay a permanent fixture on the river.

    Checked out #yegbeach this afternoon! Let's make this a permanent attraction #yegcc. Ppl are loving it. 🏖☀️💦

    @SallyAnn_12 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @SallyAnn_12

    But that could be a problem. The area isn't equipped to handle so many people, leaving garbage bins overflowing.

    As much as I appreciate people putting their garbage away, the new "Accidental Beach" really needs looked after bet… https://t.co/KpkQthwfvZ

    @OfficialKCM / Twitter / Via Twitter: @OfficialKCM

    According to CBC News, the city considers the beach "only temporary in nature" and won't be providing additional resources for visitors.

    Which is all the more reason to visit before summer is over. ☀️

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