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    This Gyrfalcon Awed Thousands Of People When It Photobombed A Webcam In Northern Canada

    It's called a gyrfalcon, which is honest to goodness a real thing.

    A "gyrfalcon" sounds like a made-up magical creature from the Harry Potter universe. But in addition to being real, one has been amusing fans of a webcam set up to capture the northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba.

    Gyrfalcon is the largest falcon species, though seeing one with all-white plumage like this one is rather rare. And this one looked particularly pretty and plump, all fluffed up for the cold weather.

    The webcam this one has been hanging around is run by the Churchill Northern Studies Centre. It streams via, which posted a video of the bird on its Facebook page.

    It's now been shared thousands of times, because nature is awesome.

    Facebook: video.php