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    A Canadian Man Said A Cab Driver Called Him "Disgusting" After Kissing Another Man

    The driver has now been suspended.

    A gay man says a cab ride home the Calgary Stampede turned scary last weekend after the driver saw him kiss another man.

    Nolan Hill told Global News the driver lashed out when Hill kissed his friend, telling them, "No two men cannot be kissing in my cab. It's disgusting."

    Hill said the driver also threatened to kick them out if they did it again. They tried to leave the cab but the driver "refused to let us out without paying, which was the scariest part," Hill said.

    Hill posted on Facebook about the incident later that night, saying, "I have lived in Calgary my whole life, and have never been disrespected as much as I was tonight."

    Facebook: NolanHill

    Hill reported the incident to the city and driver Stephen Eze has had his license suspended until August 5 for allegations of "discriminatory behaviour...toward two male passengers."

    "Calgarians and visitors alike should feel safe when traveling in Calgary by taxi," said Mario Henriques, Calgary's chief livery inspector, in a statement.

    "In this situation our investigation has shown the driver's actions were neither professional nor courteous."

    "He's not driving with us," Naeem Chaudhry, manager at Calgary United Cabs, told the Calgary Herald.

    We always go as per law of the land to protect customer's rights. #yyccab #yyctaxi #yyc #calgary #airporttaxi

    "We don't allow (our drivers) to make comments on someone's personal lifestyle," he added.

    Eze will appear in front of a Licence Review Hearing after his suspension where he could face further penalties such an additional suspension, diversity and sensitivity training, or the revocation of his licence.