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This Woman’s Time Capsule From When She Was 13 Is So Painfully '90s

Viva forever.

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"To be honest, when I discovered it, I didn't even remember doing it," Bergman told BuzzFeed Canada. "I just know that I was obsessed with documenting things."

Randi Bergman

She found them after her mom finally got her to clean out her childhood bedroom, and finding the boxes brought a flood of nostalgia.

"I almost was crying, it just made me laugh so much, just at how innocent and ridiculous I was."

And every movie she saw that year. She would even write down who she saw the movie with, and a rating out of five.

Randi Bergman

She even noted when she snuck into teen flicks she was too young to see.

"I crossed out the names of everything I bought tickets for and put what I really saw," she said.


"I remember at the time having conversation with friends and everything was a competition about who would do more sexually with the Backstreet Boys even though none of us had ever even kissed someone."

Lauren Strapagiel is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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