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How To Tell If Your Furniture Is Haunted

People have always been fascinated with the horror genre of film. As a human race, we love taunting ourselves with the prospect of fear, whether it comes from watching supernatural horror haunt a home or psycho killers parading around summer camps. Our obsession with horror has created a number of sub-genres, the most fascinating being those films about haunted furniture. These films have helped Jarons develop a helpful guide to determining whether or not the furniture in your home is haunted.

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Menacing Mirror


These household staples have often been featured in horror movies as a scare tactic, where the distressed main character heads into the bathroom seeking refuge from pills. We watch as the character looks into the mirror, distressed and alone, then looks away, only to look back and see that someone or something is behind them. Mirrors have been used to create this common scare tactic, but this is not the case in the film. Released in April of 2014, Oculus is about a young woman who is convinced her family’s trials and tribulations can be blamed on a haunted antique mirror. She comes to learn that the mirror is in fact a much larger force that must be stopped.

If you find yourself seeing other-worldly things in you mirror or notice that your eyeballs have turned into reflective shards of glass, you've got yourself a haunted mirror. ABORT! ABORT!

Dybbuk Box


A Hebrew term for “wine cabinet,” is said to be haunted by a Dybbuk. The name is derived from the Yiddish word meaning to adhere or cling, appropriately representing the malicious spirit that resides in the box. The troubled soul of the departed clings to a living human being, who acts as a host so that the Dybbuk can complete a goal. The Possession tells the tale of a young girl who becomes fascinated with a Dybbuk Box. As the Dybbuk possesses the young girls mind, terrible things begin happening around her. The girl’s family seeks help from a college professor to perform an exorcism to try to rid the demon from their lives.

If you're feeling a little dark, chances are a spirit was clinging onto your wine storage and has now attached itself to you. Reach out to an exorcist stat!

Rebel Refrigerator


A classic kitchen staple, the refrigerator has been a trustworthy appliance that has kept our food fresh. Refrigerators have also been pieces of artwork in the kitchen through the years, showcasing quirky magnets or children’s artwork. Attack of the Killer Refrigerator breathed new life into the horror film genre, and changed the way people looked at their kitchen appliances forever. After a group of rowdy college student party, they begin to abuse their refrigerator. Tired of the abuse, the appliance decides to take revenge on the villainous teens by going on a murderous spree, attacking those who beat it.

I know what you're thinking...ANYTHING BUT THE FRIDGE. As long as you're kind to your refrigerator, your refrigerator will be kind back. Don't bite the hand that feeds, people.

Evil Bed


Movies often play to then human fear of something living underneath the bed. Whether it is an evil spirit or monster, we have always feared the darkness and wish to avoid looking under the bed. Death Bed is a cult classic film that features a bed that consumes its victims. Possessed by a malevolent spirit, the bed seeks revenge on all those who sleep in it.

If your bed suddenly becomes squishy and full of funky looking yellow fluids, it's time for a new mattress.

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