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    15 Facts About Mean Girls You Probably Didnt Know

    In honor of Mean Girls finally arriving on Netflix! Mean Girls is known by heart to most people around the world, but here are some facts about the making of Mean Girls you probably didn't know.


    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler coached Rajiv Surendra on how to rap for his on-screen performance in the school's Winter Talent Show.


    Glen Coco played by Tina Fey's good friend, David Reale proved that there are "no small parts only small actors."


    Scarlett Johansson and Ashley Tisdale tested for the role of Karen.


    Originally Lindsay Lohan was cast as Regina, but didn't want people thinking Regina's personality was like her own so she went with the "nice girl" part. Amanda Seyfried was orignally cast as Cady, but the producer thought she would be better as the "dumb girl." Rachel McAdams was also almost cast as Cady, but was "too old" for the part. However, Lacey Chabert was the first and only choice for the role of Gretchen.


    The skirts for the Christmas talent show are made of plastic; the costume designer, Mary Jane Fort said they were made of that fabric to "represent the Plastics".


    The casting department searched through four cities to find the right actor to play Damian, who was ultimately played by Daniel Franzese. Tina Fey said she had a good friend in high school who went to a Catholic high school down the street from her, and knew each other from some of theater. Tina said, "In a lot of ways he was an inspiration for the character, Damian."


    Lizzy Caplan's character was named Janis Ian as an homage to musician Janis Ian, the first Saturday Night Live (1975) musical guest (alongside Billy Preston). Ian's song "At Seventeen" which can be heard playing in the background when the girls are fighting at Regina's house. Other characters bullying Caplan's character persistently call her a lesbian throughout the movie; the real Janis Ian is an out lesbian.


    The interiors of the high school were shot at Montclair High School in Montclair, New Jersey. (Shout out to my state NJ!)


    Mean Girls is based on the book "Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends, and Other Realities of Adolescence" by Rosalind Wiseman. It was fitting to have the name, Regina because it means "queen" in Latin.


    In Jonathan Bennett's twitter bio, he refers to the line where Regina tells Aaron his hair looks sexy pushed back.


    Tim Meadows broke his hand before shooting and had to wear a cast, so the explanation that his character Mr. Duvall had carpal tunnel was added.


    The director, Mark Waters said Lizzy Caplan was almost too beautiful to play the role of Janis. However, Lizzy had a "raw energy and attitude that no one else had."


    The character Mrs. Norbury was named after a German teacher at Upper Darby High School, where Tina Fey attended.


    Rachel McAdams said in an interview at the Sundance Film Festival this year that her favorite Mean Girls quotes were, "Is butter a carb?" And stated, "I liked the Toaster Strudel part, I thought that was pretty funny."


    Lindsay Lohan confirmed to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that Tina Fey and the producer of Mean Girls, Lorne Michaels are talking about having a reunion movie. Its also being talked about that most of the cast is on board!! :D

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