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12 TV Shows That Make Fans Wait Forever For A New Season

Waiting for new episodes of your favorite TV shows is torture, and these shows take the waiting game to the extreme.

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1. Game of Thrones

HBO / Via

Return Date: Winter will have come and gone twice over.

2. House of Cards

Netflix / Via

Return Date: Possibly sometime during Frank's second term in office...maybe.

3. Orphan Black

BBC America / Via

Return Date: Tatiana Maslany will probably get that well deserved Emmy nomination before Orphan Black returns. #NotBitter

4. Shameless

Showtime / Via

Return Date: In all seriousness, it's probably never ever coming back.

5. The Newsroom

HBO / Via

Return Date: Sometime after Jeff Daniels finishes reciting an Aaron Sorkin monologue.

6. Mad Men

AMC / Via

Return Date: Who knows? But it's the final season and that is just SAD.

7. Orange is the New Black

Netflix / Via

Return Date: Daya will have had her baby and all of the inmates probably already made bail.

8. Veep

HBO / Via

Return Date: The President will have already called.

9. American Horror Story

FX / Via

Return Date: Sometime in October according to FX...or so they say...

10. Sherlock

BBC America / Via

Return Date: Sherlock and Watson can't even solve this mystery.

11. True Detective

HBO / Via

Return Date: We'll be speculating #TrueDetectiveSeason3 before HBO announces who will be cast in the second season.

12. The Walking Dead

AMC / Via

Return Date: There will literally be a zombie apocalypse before this show comes back.

Let's hurry it up, shows. We miss you and we want you back ASAP.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

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