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12 Things You Always Experience While Eating At Chipotle

Going to Chipotle requires patience, perseverance, and a very empty stomach.

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4. The empowerment felt after you give yourself a motivational pep talk while taking your place in line.

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That steak burrito is calling your name and you will literally do anything to get it. The wait and crippling hunger pains are worth it.

5. The frustration that settles in as you see Chipotle newbies taking their sweet time.

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Yes, you can order black or pinto beans! Yes, there are three different types of salsa. WHY IS THAT A DIFFICULT CONCEPT TO GRASP?

7. The euphoria of approaching the counter, smelling the delicious fixings, and ordering your meal.

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Yes, I'll have a burrito with white rice, steak, peppers, half pinto, half black beans, two kinds of salsa, cheese, corn, and guacamole. All of the guacamole. Can I have a side of guacamole too, please?


12. After all is said and done, your stomach is full, you are content, and can't wait to go back!
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