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27 Reasons Why We Love Zac Efron On His 27th Birthday

Wishing the hunky star the happiest of birthdays with 27 reasons why we love him!

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27. How he travels in style

26. How he looks without teeth

25. His love for animals

24. His ability to look good with any hairstyle

23. His photography skills

22. His friendship with Ashley Tisdale

21. His athleticism

20. His ability to have fun

19. His love for his younger brother, Dylan

18. And his mom... awwwww

17. How he looks as a woman

16. His after workout sweat


15. How well he handles a skateboard

14. How he looks in Greek letters

Clint Brewer / Splash News / Via

13. How good he is with kids

12. How he looks in a beanie

LG/Katrina/ LG2/Katrina2 / Via

11. His happy trail

10. How well he pulls of facial hair

9. How he treats his fans

8. His strength

7. His charitable ways

6. How he made us feel when he did this...

WireImage Kevin Mazur / Via

5. How he was truthful about his past

4. How he looks in a suit

3. His jawline

2. His body

1. His face

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