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Where Is The Best Taco You've Ever Had In Your Life?


If you are a hot-blooded human and you are experiencing hunger, you are probably dreaming of tacos.

Warner Bros. / Via

Because they're perfect and why wouldn't you?

But maybe you're not just dreaming of any old taco. You're dreaming of THAT TACO.

Tango Mango / Via

The perfect tortilla, crisp lettuce, just the right amount of cheese... The taco to which no other taco can compare.

Avery Pix / Via

But where IS this perfect taco?

Paramount Pictures. / Via

We have a feeling you know.

Is it at Mariscos Jalisco in Los Angeles?

Eder Estrada / @ederux / Via

Or at Tacodeli in Austin?

@tacodeli / Via

Perhaps it's hiding in Seattle at The Saint.

@thesaintsocial / Via

It's time to spill the (refried) beans: Where did you have the absolute best taco you have ever tasted?

Nick Kegeyan / Via

Bonus points if you tell us which taco to order.

Tell us the restaurant name and the city in the comments below and you might be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!

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