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What's The Best City To Run In?

So, what's the line between dodging pedestrians and parkour?

If you're a runner living in the big city, you know that every run is a new adventure.

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You're basically a pro at racing traffic lights and dodging all manner of pedestrians.

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Or you're at least better than Ron Burgundy.

But in spite of all the obstacles, running in cities can be fun!

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Maybe you've found a great set of stairs to keep your buns in shape, like these folks in Paris.

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Or you've found some awesome scenic paths, like those along the Charles River in Boston.

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Maybe there's a sweet race in your city. The Chicago Marathon is a favorite of runners and fans alike!

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Or you've got a really strong running community. The Golden Gate Running Club in San Fran clearly knows how to have fun.

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Or maybe you're just super into hurdles.

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You do you.

So many things make a city great for runners, but which cities are the best?

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Tell us what you think is the best city for runners, and we'll feature our favorite responses in a future post.

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