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    29 Snuggly Things To Keep You Comfy In The Great Outdoors

    Camping at its coziest.

    1. This multi-use insulated mat to keep you and your stuff whatever temperature you prefer:

    Temperature regulation at its softest. Find The Wunder Bundler at Poler.

    2. These waterproof socks that ensure your toes will never be uncomfortably damp again:

    3. And these camp socks that will keep your toes nice and toasty:

    Get the Cotton Ragg Camp Socks (left) at L.L. Bean, and the Merino Wool Expedition Socks (right) at REI.

    4. This wearable sleeping bag that you can totally hike in:

    And by hike, we mean shuffle comfortably. Find the Napsack at Poler, $135.95.

    5. And these adorably super versions to keep the little ones snuggly:

    6. These booties that are 1000 times cozier than camp sandals:

    7. This little cot-and-tent combo that's just cozy enough for two.

    8. And this snug three-person setup provides some intimate LED lighting:

    Get the Rattlesnake SL3 tent at Big Agnes.

    9. This mini–espresso machine to warm up a chilly morning:

    Get the Minipresso at Firebox.

    10. This ninja suit that's the most badass long underwear you'll ever wear:

    11. This inflatable chair that will keep your bum high and dry (and comfy AF):

    12. This camping couch that can hold your wine glass for you:

    Get the Ozark Trail Love Seat at Walmart.

    13. This ridiculously cuddly bear hug pillow:

    Get a Bearhug Pillow at Firebox, available in Grizzly or Panda.

    14. Or this remarkably life-like log pillow:

    Way better than the real thing. Get the Kikkerland Log Pillow at Alite Designs.

    15. This paracord cozy for your water bottle that will keep your hydration safe and secure:

    Get a handmade bottle cozy at We're Knot Worthy.

    16. This sleep mask that's also a sound-muffling pillow:

    17. This insulated blanket that's as durable as it is puffy:

    Get the NEMO Puffin Blanket at REI.

    18. Or this wool blanket worthy of a sherpa:

    19. This hammock tent that lets you stay cozy among the trees:

    Get the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock at Fancy.

    20. Or this one that lets your chill in comfy solitude:

    Complete with tarp, bug net, and beer holders 👍. Get the Draumr at Amok Equipment.

    21. This bonfire-to-go will ensure you have a cozy fire no matter what:

    22. And this popcorn popper will make it feel like you never left your couch at home:

    23. This roomy sleeping bag that has a comforter and fitted sleeve for your sleeping pad:

    Get the NEMO Mezzo at REI.

    24. This queen-size inflatable bed that has all you need to bring your bedroom to the great outdoors:

    Get the Kingdom Sleep System at REI.

    25. Or this badass cot that's probably even better than your own bed:

    26. This silk liner that instantly makes your sleeping bag ~luxurious~:

    Get the TravelLiner at Sea To Summit.

    27. This heater that fits inside any jacket, any time:

    Find it on Indiegogo.

    28. This collapsible hot tub that is basically a portable spa:

    29. This tent that makes sure your BFF is super cozy, too: