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23 Ingredients You Should Always Have In Your Kitchen

Other than beer and cereal, obviously.

1. Chicken Broth

2. Tomato Paste

3. Rolled Oats

4. Nuts

5. Worcestershire Sauce

6. Flour

For choosing something that feels as straight-forward as flour, you've actually got a lot of choices. Your best bet is all-purpose flour, since it's good for just about everything. Beyond baking, flour is great for thickening any liquids or sauces you're cooking with, or as coating for food when frying.

7. Eggs

A staple of any well-stocked fridge, eggs are perfect as the star of the meal or as the perfect, protein-packed addition. Here's a helpful roundup of mouthwatering and creative uses for these little ovals of joy.

8. Garlic

9. Cheese

Whether cow, goat, or sheep, you can't really go wrong, but this handy infographic can help narrow down your choices. The key is to know what function your cheese will serve: Know what you'll use in sandwiches, what you like on pasta, and what you'll serve with fruit and bread to impress everyone.

10. Rice

11. Ground Meat

When it comes to eating animals, the least expensive and most adaptable form is ground meat. Tacos, chili, burgers, lasagna: ground meat makes for the perfect weeknight dinner when you need something simple yet filling. You can change up the flavor by using ground beef, poultry, or pork, or by choosing a different fat percentage. Go ahead and freeze it if you don't use it all in one go!

12. Onions

13. Herbs and spices

14. Yogurt

You can never get enough good bacteria, and yogurt has plenty of it. It's also basically a tasty, creamy canvas for your wildest topping dreams. Icelandic, Greek, coconut, sheep: there's plenty of options for all tastes and dietary needs, and even more recipes to use it in.

15. Oils

16. Apple Cider Vinegar

17. Sweet Potatoes

18. Real Maple Syrup

19. Canned Beans

Beans, beans, the versatile fruit! /

The more you eat, the more fiber, antioxidants, and protein will be in your diet!

Catchy, right? The canned versions are way easier to store and to cook, and these vegetarian-friendly alternatives bulk up entrees and desserts alike.

20. Lemons

So simple and so cheap! Lemons are great for cooking fish and meat, as the acids in lemon juice help breakdown the raw flesh so yummy spices and juices can mix together. You already know it's refreshingly tart on its own, and lemons go perfectly with fresh greens and other veggies.

21. Tuna

22. Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

23. Wine

Cooking with wine might sound intimidating and fancy, but you can totally handle it. Just be sure not to cook with anything you wouldn't drink (looking at you, Franzia). And since you're already pouring it in the pot, you might as well pour yourself a glass, amiright?

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