21 Tie-Dyed Foods That Are Actual Works Of Art

    Is this what nutritionists mean by a "colorful diet?"

    1. DIY Tie-Dye Smores

    2. Rainbow Marbled Donuts

    3. Tie-Dye Cake with Blue Raspberry Frosting

    4. Tie-Dye Waffles

    5. Tie-Dye Yule Log

    I now celebrate whichever holiday celebrates with this cake. Recipe here.

    6. Rainbow Tie-Dyed Cookies

    7. Rainbow Popcorn

    8. Trix Krispies

    9. Easy Tie-Dye Cupcakes

    Love me some pastel tie-dye. Complete with matching frosting! Recipe here.

    10. Rainbow Paddle Pop Fudge

    11. Roasted Strawberry and White Chocolate Rainbow Chip Cake

    12. Rainbow Cheesecake

    13. Rainbow Challah Bread

    14. Rainbow Popsicles

    15. Funfetti Tie-Dyed Cookie Bars

    16. Tie-Dyed Whoopie Pies

    17. Rainbow Spaghetti

    18. Rainbow Cube Bread Loaves

    19. Marbled White Chocolate Bark

    20. Crazy Rainbow Lollipops

    21. DIY Colorful Peace Cake

    ✌️ 🌈 ❤️. Recipe here.