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19 Artists Whose Handwriting Put Your Cursive To Shame

And you thought your cursive was fancy.

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1. Tolga Girgin

Tolga has already gained some recognition for his experiments with 3D calligraphy, and for good reason. His trippy lettering is mind-boggling.

2. Lauren Hom

This girl is lethal with a chalkboard, and she loves to turn her best designs into awesome and colorful prints. Let her design your dream menu.


4. Misha No

Misha has some amazing versatility with lettering style and makes even the most ancient style his own. He also embraces the little imperfections that come with these temperamental writing instruments, which is awesome.


7. Jill DeHaan

You can just tell from everything Jill writes and doodles that she is probably one of the sweetest calligraphers around. She’s a big fan of Jane Austen and other inspiring ladies too, so get excited for some empowering quotes.


9. Reiko Hirata

Reiko is currently in the midst of a challenge to create a chalk lettering design in food theme everyday for 100 days. Get ready for some beautiful lettering and to want to eat all the things.


11. Raul Alejandro

While Raul’s writing is simple and lovely, it’s his illustrative flairs that make them memorable.


13. João Neves

João does some amazing hand lettering that look eerily like neon signs. He loves color and his prints totally express his energetic, fun-loving self.


15. Ricardo Gonzalez

Ricardo eats, sleeps, and breaths his design lifestyle, and loves simple metallic lettering with some billowy flair.

16. Mateusz Witczak

Mateusz is a Polish lettering artist who creates some amazing graphic and typographical designs. His intricate frames and perfect symmetry are the stuff of legend.


18. Jennet Liaw

Jennet loves bold black lines and punny designs, and she keeps her Instagram full of travels and typography: What more do you need?

19. Rob Draper

Rob Draper / Via

Rob is an amazing British hand letterer who does not discriminate when it comes to his canvas. He writes on everything from coffee cubs to hot dogs, with the occasional bread loaf in between.