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19 Artists Whose Handwriting Put Your Cursive To Shame

And you thought your cursive was fancy.

1. Tolga Girgin

2. Lauren Hom

3. Sebastian Lester

Sebastian Lester / Via

Sebastian has a REAL gift for recreating iconic logos, and all his work is almost scary in its precision.

Sebastian Lester / Via

Insta here and Facebook here.

4. Misha No

5. Pokras Lampas

Pokras Lambas / Via

Pokras is a Russian master of “calligraffiti” in his own, uniquely modern gothic style. He’s even taken his lettering into the realm of body art, with his series of calligraphy painted on women (NSFWish).

6. Ian Barnard

Ian Barnard / Via

This dude loves to experiment with his writing tools, using everything from Japanese pens to straight vegetables.

7. Jill DeHaan

8. Jackson Alves

Jackson Alves / Via

This guy is a wizard with a flat tip pen, and his Gothic and Victorian lettering is outta control. Plus, the soundtracks to his insta vids are pretty sweet.

Jackson Alves / Via

Insta here and website here.

9. Reiko Hirata

10. Matt Vergotis

Matt Vergotis / Via

Matt creates some amazing logos and one-offs, but his combinations of lettering and illustration are incredible.

11. Raul Alejandro

12. Laura Hooper-Leader

Laura Hooper-Leader / Via

Laura’s writing is downright whimsical, and she specializes in wedding calligraphy: Invites, programs, you name it.

Laura Hooper-Leader / Via

Insta here and Etsy shop here.

13. João Neves

14. Zachary Smith

Zachary Smith / Via

Zachary loves to design simple and inspiring messages on unconventional surfaces, and the results are always spot on.

Zachary Smith / Via

Insta here and website here.

15. Ricardo Gonzalez

Ricardo Gonzalez / Via

Insta here and website here.

16. Mateusz Witczak

17. Thiago Belloti

Thiago Belloti / Via

Thiago is a pro with watercolors, and medium lots of calligraphers struggle with. Her fluid, colorful script feels so natural and really pops.

18. Jennet Liaw

19. Rob Draper

Rob Draper / Via

Rob is an amazing British hand letterer who does not discriminate when it comes to his canvas. He writes on everything from coffee cubs to hot dogs, with the occasional bread loaf in between.

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