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    19 Conveniently Portable Items That Will Change Your Life

    Move it or lose it.

    1. This kayak you can fold up into a totally manageable tote:

    2. This portable ice machine to keep you chill:

    Get the Igloo Portable Countertop Ice Maker at Walmart.

    3. This hot tub that you can set up anywhere, anytime:

    4. This slow cooker for dump dinners on the go:

    Get the Crock Pot Lunch Crock at Target.

    5. This portable woodburning stove that can heat a whole tent pioneer-style:

    Preorder the Frontier Plus woodstove at Anevay.

    6. This inflatable, covered bathtub that is about to take your Netflix binge to the next level:

    Get the Adult SPA inflatable bathtub at Amazon.

    7. This foot-powered washing machine that requires zero electricity:

    Order Drumi through their Indiegogo campaign.

    8. This foldable bunk bed that's a much safer distance from the ground:

    9. This handy portable sauna, because you deserve it:

    Get the Hanko Portable Sauna at

    10. This insanely masculine portable coffeemaker:

    So rugged. Get the Coffeeboxx at Fancy.

    11. This oven and stove combo that means you can now bring your kitchen everywhere:

    12. This portable humidifier that asks for nothing more than a bottle of water:

    13. This portable gaming setup so you're never parted with your Xbox for too long:

    Get the Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment at Amazon.

    14. These battery-powered string lights that provide instant whimsy:

    Get the portable string lights at Fancy.

    15. This itty-bitty steam iron that you can bring on the road:

    16. This convenient planetarium that brings the stars to you:

    17. This cardboard standing desk that you can actually stand upon:

    Damn! Order one at Refold.

    18. This adorable little printer that will provide you with instant Instagrams:

    19. This compact amp so you can jam even when you're away from your studio:

    Hey, the corner of your bedroom is still a studio. Get the Marshall MS2 Micro Amp at Amazon.